Industry Solutions

Build daily support tools

Administrative / corporate management support tools such as budgeting, human resources, and analytics platforms are ways to streamline, improve organization, streamline tasks, and create data histories for future use.
We develop for various areas of logistics, such as picking incoming and outgoing material, stock control, continuous or final inventory. You will be able to consult in the project area our picking system that works hard on logistics and is integrated with ERP.
In order to reduce and prevent equipment performance failures, preventive maintenance is a very important aspect in the industrial sector. An application that allows the management of equipment and maintenance enables the anticipation of breakdowns, maintenance schedules and the correct use of equipment.
The internet of things for industry involves the application of sensory hardware that can be applied in various areas such as assembly lines and obtaining important information on production and product quality.
Tasks that are performed daily and repeatedly can undergo a digital automation process to save time and provide real-time information.
We develop production management systems based on the customer's production process and managing all common and differentiating aspects. Budgeting, material management, material families, operating ranges, order and supplier management, planning, work diary and production cost analysis and budgeting comparisons.
Shop floor applications are a complement to production management software. They are tools that allow the technician to start the various operations and those responsible for controlling the production times per part, operator and machine. These systems are usually in communication with production planning and management.
In the industrial area, when this type of solution is developed, it is usually necessary to integrate with ERP'S, CMS, printers, supplier systems, robots, among others.