About Us

Learn more about our concept, process and technologies.


Innfocus is dedicated to developing web applications with the goal of improving, making business processes / tasks more efficient, making them more digital.

Digitizing the processes of each business is increasingly important, significantly improving the management of companies at the organization level, providing valuable real-time information channels for the development of various projects, presenting data for future decision-making, and for long or short term.

  • Commitment
  • Work Hard
  • Transparency
  • Effort
  • Innovation

Development process



Brainstorming and pre-analysis with the client is the first step in defining the project's feasibility at a technological level and identifying its challenges.



UX / UI Design, coding, testing and bug fixes and documentation are the various phases that each project goes through at the time of development as the support of agile project management tools.


Final Delivery

When the project is approved by the client is prepared the environment where application will be executed and installed.

Know How

At the technological level we always try to be aware of the immersive technologies and learn to work with them, especially knowing how to identify which language or framework we should use taking into account the specifics of each project and the needs of each client.

The most used languages at Innfocus are Javascript and PHP using development support tools / frameworks that we consider one of the best in the industry including reactive technologies.